About us

Who we are?

Egyptian company for engineering and electrical contracting ltd. “Kahromisr” has been founded since 1993 by Adel Waly and Abdelbaki Sayed as partners who are also the MDs of this organization.

Kahromisr has grown from a small showroom with capital investment of 50,000 EGP to be now one of the key players with excellent reputation in electrical power field and contracting with capital investment in millions to show a story of success and dedication. 

Kahromisr is professional in electrical energy field starting from the generation, passing through the power distribution, until reaching every load.

Our services are expanding day by day such as but not limited to:

  • Design and Engineering.
  • Installation of Power generation station.
  • Installation of substation for power distribution.
  • Lighting by solar cell.
  • Ordinary street lighting.
  • Extending and laying Underground cables and over head transmission lines “OHTL”.
  • Fabrication and trading of electric panels with different purposes.
  • Earthing systems and networks.
  • Cable trays.
  • Prefabricated cabin/ shelter.
  • Maintenance services for power distribution systems.
  • Trading in all materials, tools, components, accessories, etc which are relevant to electrical power system as a general supplier.
  • Trading in Instrumentation devices such as transmitters and gauges as a general supplier.

Our organizational philosophy believes that customer satisfaction, health, safety, environmental considerations, and business objectives are mutually dependent.

Our policy emphasizes the need for measuring and analyzing performance in order to confirm that planning and problem solving have led to quality improvements.

We aspire to be a leading global contracting company in the field of the electrical power to serve our society and contribute to our country’s developing. We always believe in our new generations who can hold the flag and continue the way of success by discovering new fields, applying science, insisting to achieve the dreams by exerting efforts.

Our core strengths

Our people: their expertise, hunger for knowledge and passion to excel. Above all, their loyalty and commitment to Kahromisr.

Our resources: capital resources that enable us to respond faster than our competitors.

Our experience: a tradition of excellence and achievement.

Our entrepreneurial attitude: a strong appetite for investment and diversification to grow our business and increase revenue streams.

Fundemental Concepts :


Commitment to our quality policy is a tenet KahroMisr chief executives strive to uphold Promotion of, through all levels and activities of the organization being fundamental to its success; Each individual is encouraged to strive for continuous improvement with measurable levels of performance.

Problem identification

Provision for identification and solving of potential and existing problems on a continuous base is an essential element of performance monitoring

Participation by all

It is our intention to always fully and effectively utilize the total strengths and abilities of all members of the organization and recognize them as vital links in the chain.

Personal accountability

Recognition of individual responsibility and authority must be accepted and upheld by all.

Alignment of corporate objectives and individual attitudes

To maintain a workplace free from prejudices and restrictive behavior that inhibits the effectiveness of the organization is of fundamental concern.

Personal development

Continuous appraisal, training and development of individuals are applied at all levels of the organization.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding and satisfying customer needs and expectations are key objectives and fundamental to determining the most effective organizational practices



To be one of the key players in energy products and its related services globally.


Manufacturing, contracting, and marketing safe electrical products and services in order to meet and exceed market/customer expectation and satisfaction. In addition, positively contribute to developing of our society.


Human capital is our greatest asset.

Promoting excellence in every aspect through our expertise, efficiency, attention to detail and passion.

Credibility, mutual respect, reliability, and integrity.

Working in a friendly environment.

Quality is uncompromised.

Creating exceptional value based on the depth of our financial resources, our local knowledge and our technical expertise.

Safety focused in every aspect of our operations.

Customer loyalty.

Innovation and continuous improvement.